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Now we are talking! Craft beers are the latest and greatest hit in the beer world in the US. All around the United States craft breweries are popping up and creating some delicious and truly unique beers. Although some may disagree, there is not true definition or set of criteria that a brewery must meet to label themselves as craft brewers. Craft brewers tend to be domestic beer makers who just make less beer each year than the big names. Some quantify this amount to producing about six million barrels or less per year. Craft breweries tend to be independently owned and operated. We carry a variety of craft beers at our West Chester location. To ensure that we have your favorite craft beer in stock, please call ahead or feel free to even order ahead! We have access to a vast number of craft breweries in the US and can help you get that special craft beer you desire. Below is short list of craft beers we sell:

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Our Craft Beers

West Chester, PA - Craft Beer

We are the home of great tasting craft beers! For the connoisseur, locate those hard-to-find quality brews or that special brew with a unique flavor! With a great craft beer or microbrew, there is truly a labor of love that goes into it's creation. These unique tastes cannot be matched by domestic beers or even imported beer. You can count on finding the taste that meets your palette's needs - right here - as we offer a full selection of local and national favorites - and then some! Your satisfaction starts with options. You'll have an immense inventory that is constantly turning over, assuring freshness. You will also find local and national favorites from brands like Blue Moon, Brew Works, Yards, and more! But have no fear, the team at Spaz Beverage in West Chester, PA is here to help if you are not 100% sure of where to start. Sometimes the vast craft beer selection can seem overwhelming. Each of our knowledgeable employees has expert advice to offer you. We'll guide you to the right flavor based on your individual preferences.

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Spaz Beverage is West Chester's home to a large assortment of imported, domestic, and craft beers. We have a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Stop in today!

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